Converting a Van to Carry Passengers in the Rear

Converting a van into a passenger van can be very rewarding and a nice and easy way to save time on buying a new vehicle. Many vans can be easily and safely converted into a van which can carry passengers in the rear and it really doesn’t have to be a hefty investment either. A few simple changes can make a real difference and it’s easier than you think also. What do you need to know when converting a van into a passenger van?

Use Proper Seats Not Make-Shift Seats

When you’re converting a vehicle you have to ensure you are using genuine parts to kit-out and convert the rear of the vehicle. Now, a lot of people think if they put a cushion in the back with a rope to tie yourself down it’s all that is needed – well – think again! You have to use genuine seating and seat belts to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and meets road safety standards also. Far too many people don’t think about these things and put themselves and others at risk. You don’t want to do this you want to use proper seating and safety equipment. If you aren’t going to install these things its better looking for passenger vans for sale instead!

Understand Your Seating Limit

If you have a snug or smaller van you are not going to be able to comfortably get more than say five seats in the back because it’s going to be a squeeze. While you might think there aren’t any limits over how much people you can seat in a van think again. You could put every person travelling in the vehicle at risk simply by overloading seats in the van. When dealing with a converted passenger van you want to look at what’s a reasonable seating limit such as three to five or if you have a larger van, possibly eight eights spread over two or three rows. These things must be considered when converting a van.

Get an Inspection – No Matter if you’re Happy with the Conversion

It really doesn’t matter if you have personally converted the van or have taken it to a friend or garage to carry out the work you must ensure it’s a safe vehicle. You may want to get an inspection done on the vehicle so that you can make sure there are no issues with the van. You probably think it’s easier to look for passenger van than it is to convert but in all honesty it can be fairly simple if you put your mind to it. However, always get an inspection carried out for safety and for your own peace of mind.

Convert With Care

Converting a regular cargo van into a passenger van isn’t impossible or rather difficult to do but if you don’t know what you’re doing you have to take extra caution so that things don’t go wrong. You have to watch how much seating you’re placing into the rear of the vehicle as well as the type of seats you’re using. Inspections might seem like a waste but it’s actually a very smart idea and way to ensure the vehicle is safe to travel in. Convert your van into a passenger van and hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable project to work on.

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