Which one is the best to buy? Transit or Mercedes Benz sprinter

Together, the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit van rule the light business vehicle market. The Sprinter has been colossally well known since it initially showed up in 1995 and is known to be among the best vans for sale, while the Transit van has ended up universal, and will everlastingly be the connected with the incredible ‘white van man’. In any case, which is the better van for you? Here we think about the long wheel base variant of the Transit with the most recent model of the Sprinter.

Most extreme burden

The long wheel base Transit vans for sale can convey a gigantic 1450 kg, though the Sprinter can just deal with a 950 kg. So in case you have to convey especially overwhelming burdens then the LWB Transit will be the best alternative. But, the Mercedes Benz sprinter is more than equipped for conveying most loads and is a most loved with numerous messengers.


The Mercedes Benz sprinter has a back lodge measuring 2.6 meters and it can serenely hold two standard beds. The longest form of the Transit is an astounding 3.4 meters in length, which implies it can deal with an entire additional bed. In case you consistently transport bigger amounts then the Transit is the van. In case you for the most part manage lighter, blended burdens, the same number of messengers do, the Sprinter may be the vehicle for you.

Since they are significantly shorter than the LWB Transit, Sprinters are more suited to urban driving. For instance utilizing the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans around downtown area may be more sensible than attempting to control the more Transit.


Both vans are moderately practical. Overall, a Ford Transit sprinter van for sale runs on diesel, will oversee around 20 miles for each gallon. The new Sprinter, launched in 2013, can deal with an a great deal more amazing 40 miles for each gallon, which makes it by a wide margin the most fuel effective vehicle in its class. In case you tend to heap up the mileage, putting resources into a Sprinter could spare you loads of trade out the long run.


The sprinter van for sale is more costly than the Transit, additionally accompanies an entire host of security elements and alternatives that the Ford can’t coordinate. The Sprinter additionally holds its quality much superior to the Transit.

At the point when looking for a Mercedes sprinter van for sale or Transit, the deals are regularly to be found where business vehicles are more focused. Utilized Mercedes vans available to be purchased as a part of Birmingham, for instance, are prone to be altogether less expensive that their proportionate available to be purchased in rustic ranges.

Appearance and comfort

The new scope of Sprinters are without a doubt much preferable looking over the square shaped Ford Transit. The Mercedes is additionally considerably more agreeable in the lodge and is accessible with numerous more choices.

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