Things to Know About 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van

If you are in the market for a commercial van, the 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is a solid option. Not only is it designed to work hard, but it is more than a basic vehicle for moving cargo and people. There is no other passenger van on the market that delivers a more luxurious driving experience than the Mercedes Sprinter.

What is New for 2019?

The 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van offers more in-vehicle technology and LED taillights. Also, a new transmission has been introduced to help with performance. Here are the other things you need to know about the 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van.

Easy to Drive

No other van in the industry delivers a more enjoyable driving experience like the Sprinter Van. The combination of tradition and precise driving dynamics makes this vehicle incredibly easy to maneuver. The Sprinter is even more rewarding in tight spots thanks to its tight turning radius.

Hard Working Diesel Engine

The Mercedes Sprinter Van comes with a 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine that is durable and lacks lots of muscle. It has a 190 horsepower and a 325 pound feet of torque. Although this van is not built for speed, it’s high torque engine ensures confident acceleration and good pulling power. The Sprinter Van also two up a loaf of about 7500 pounds.

4WD System

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van comes with a traditional 2WD system. However, there is the optional 4WD system for those needing maximum traction. The 4WD system keeps you on the move even during the aftermath of a snowstorm. It can also come in handy if you want to travel to a rural area with no paved roads. More details.

Big and Comfy

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van has a spacious cabin, so there is enough space for every of its occupants. The optional heated front seat will provide its occupants with an extra measure of warmth especially during the winter. Although the Sprinter is a little off the ground, there is a footstep that makes it easy to climb inside.

Simplistic Interior Layout

Drivers will appreciate the simple interior layout of the Mercedes Sprinter Van especially when in the interstate for a long period. The readable gauges make keeping tabs on your speed easy. All the leg controls are within the driver’s reach. The steering wheel mounted controls allows you to perform different functions without diverting your attention from the road.

Infotainment System

The 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van comes with a touch screen infotainment system. The standard screen is 7.0 inch but you can opt for the 10.3 inch display. Regardless of the size you go for, you will love the high-resolution graphics. There is a touchpad on the steering wheel that allows drivers to control the infotainment system.

If you want to buy the most luxurious van available, the 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is a solid option. From its upholstery to its steering wheel, every aspect of this van has a premium feel. Although the 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van is hard to beat, you have to pay more to have it.

How to Find a Cheap Used Van for Sale in Five Simple Steps


In case you’re searching for a shoddy utilized van for sale, there are a wide range of things you’ll need to consider before you purchase. Here are five straightforward strides to pursue to locate a modest utilized van for sale.

What amount of size do you require?

Since vans come in a wide range of styles and sizes, you’ll need to decide exactly how much space you will require. Are you going to transport your youngster’s soccer crew to and from diversions, or only a couple of your companions on an end of the week escape. One of the keys to finding a modest utilized van isn’t purchasing more than you require. There are numerous spots to discover postings for vehicles for sale by private proprietors. Print characterized promotions can be a decent place to begin, however you might need to counsel the Internet for more information, including places like Craigslist and other free ordered destinations. Numerous person to person communication locales additionally offer characterized advertisements on their destinations.

Try to think about the van’s gas mileage

Some portion of a vehicle’s esteem lies in its general working expense. Regardless of whether a van is very economical, in the event that it gets horrible gas mileage it will finish up costing you considerably more over the long haul. While van’s all in all don’t generally get incredible MPG, spending somewhat more on an eco-friendly van can frequently be a brilliant move. Before cash trades hands, you have to ensure you are getting a quality utilized vehicle and not one with issues you aren’t mindful of. Extraordinary compared to other approaches to do this is through visual investigation. You need to see the vehicle before you consent to get it. Search for body harm that wasn’t fixed legitimately and request to drive the vehicle to check for clear mechanical or drivability issues.

When you’ve distinguished your necessities, begin by assembling a rundown of private dealers in your general vicinity via seeking on two or three web destinations, for example, Craigslist ( Tap on vehicles and trucks in the For Sale area. You will get a rundown of all vehicles for sale in your metro zone. You can calibrate the outcomes by utilizing the watchword segment. Use “van” for instance and enter your base and most extreme cost.  Add to your rundown via looking through some different sites that would by bound to be utilized by merchants. Destinations, for example, Carsdirect ( or ( are great spots to look for utilized vans at merchants. At these locales you can look by year, value, mileage, or vicinity.


Next, outline an arrangement to see the vans you’ve chosen. Call the private gatherings to make courses of action to see those vans. You can see the merchant’s vehicles whenever they are open for business.

Hunting down an utilized van doesn’t need to be troublesome. Settle on your financial plan and pursue these five simple advances. In the event that you find such a large number of vans to adequately observe, tight your inquiry by year, make, or model.

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Do the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans offer refrigeration?


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a standout amongst the most mainstream vans on Britain’s streets and is the greatest moving van in the Mercedes light business vehicle extend. Their square shaped appearances is a staggeringly regular sight in British towns and on the motorway organize, as it makes up most of the armada of numerous expansive coordination’s organizations.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Refrigeration Systems

There is an assortment of refrigeration frameworks accessible available today. A wide assortment of temperatures is accessible inside refrigerated vehicles, from a sensibly surrounding 30c to a short 30c profound stop. These temperatures change as indicated by the products inside. In spite of the fact that the most regularly experienced game plan is to have a solitary stacking compartment, there are explicit circumstances where a refrigerated van will have a lot of compartments, each kept at a particular temperature.

Another thought is if the refrigeration framework should work autonomously of the engine. One run of the mill use for this sort of Mercedes Sprinter refrigerated van is in the open air serving of chilled sustenance at weddings, celebrations and furthermore other outside occasions. In such a situation, we will require a save control supply. This gives the ability to connect the refrigeration framework to an outer power supply (single-stage or three-stage), keeping their create cool/solidified for an uncertain period. Ice sheet Vehicles source hardware from the majority of the most trustworthy Mercedes Sprinter refrigeration van gear organizations, and we are extremely glad to create a bespoke framework for your specific needs.

Cooler/Refrigerated Van Insulation

Protecting material is an incredibly huge segment in Mercedes Sprinter refrigerated vans, and it is this component when with the determination of refrigeration framework, that’ll decide the inside temperature of the vehicle. We accept there is absolutely no preferred decision for protection material over Styrofoam. It isn’t just amazingly light, and that implies you can take a heavier load, also, it has mind-boggling warm protection properties. We use it in each vehicle we give. We’ll utilize varying thicknesses of Styrofoam concerning the dimension of chilling required.

Mercedes Sprinter Refrigeration Van Engineers

They are the basic individuals from the group that we allude any client inquiries to, and they’re instrumental in safeguarding that our Mercedes Sprinter cooler vans are conveyed inside our clients time prerequisites. Our designers will be glad to make something for you, in the event that you are hoping to get a bespoke choice to your refrigeration vehicle needs, regardless of whether you need enormous or little Mercedes Sprinter refrigerated vans. More details in this post:


The majority of the hardware that we supply is spic and span, even in our utilized Mercedes Sprinter cooler vans. This means you will be secured by total year makers ensure for your own genuine feelings of serenity. We trust that GAH and Hubbard are the best makers of refrigeration items, and we will, in general, utilize these items in the entirety of our little and vast Mercedes Sprinter refrigerated vans accessible except if the client indicates something else.

Why Mercedes Sprinter is For Big Families


While the Mercedes-Benz mark will, in general, be synonymous to lavish comforts and drive performance, its Commercial division initiated by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter plans to offer these equivalent traits inside a light business vehicle or van. To expand further, Mercedes-Benz offers the Sprinter in 3 unique variations: a Passenger, Cargo, and Crew van.

A lot of Travel Space and Large Seating Capacity

One thing stays apparent and clear with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is that it is recognizable by capacity as individuals mover with the capacity to suit 7 – 12 passengers on its base model. While it is remarkable for families, it ought to be expressed that HQ can suit up to 17 passengers, contingent on customer needs. Besides, while clearly, the Sprinter has a lot of room, finding the floor plan that works most ideally for your movement needs requires assortment and that is accurate what HQ expects to help achieve. High rooftop variations offer an immense measure of tallness to enable all passengers to comfortably remain inside the van and give simple section/exit from the van. Then again, low rooftop and the 144″ body empower for no extension use limitations because of lower van tallness and less demanding stopping capacities. What’s more, HQ offers a wide scope of skipper and mentor seating choices with various examples, completions and mechanization alternatives. Upgraded extra alternatives incorporate lodging for incapacitated passengers incorporate hoisted seats and 180-degree swivel ability.

Keep The Children Entertained As Well As the Adults

Long voyages can be a bad dream for guardians with consistent squabbling, contending or whimpering from the youngsters in the back. Fortunately HQ has a lot of electronic alternatives to keep the children and even grown-ups placated and all around engaged all through their drive. Such choices incorporate TV show either inside a front segment divider or in a bulkhead bureau with 2 front speakers. For those hoping to stream their most loved TV shows and films to the extra large screen, an Apple TV or related spilling gadget can be introduced, or for those needing to play while out and about, a Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One or Nintendo Switch can be incorporated. For those needing all the more a working setup, an onboard PC can be introduced or used reflects show highlights to cast the screen of your PC laying on flight retractable to one or numerous screens. An audiophile encompasses sound framework can be incorporated for those needing to accomplish genuine home auditorium like sound quality. The greater part of each of them, a lodge WiFi switch guarantees that passengers stay associated while out and about consistently, and can peruse, stream or play their favored substance.


HQ Custom Design is knowledgeable about structuring the inside of the Mercedes Sprinter to suit all preferences, regardless of whether that is for business or family utilization. We have a scope of various floor designs that equipped for conforming to suit and match your movement needs. In the case of concentrating on lavish pleasantries, valuable onboard tech or expanding gear space, HQ attempts to manufacture a flexible custom van that is handcrafted for your family.

Converting a Van to Carry Passengers in the Rear

Converting a van into a passenger van can be very rewarding and a nice and easy way to save time on buying a new vehicle. Many vans can be easily and safely converted into a van which can carry passengers in the rear and it really doesn’t have to be a hefty investment either. A few simple changes can make a real difference and it’s easier than you think also. What do you need to know when converting a van into a passenger van?

Use Proper Seats Not Make-Shift Seats

When you’re converting a vehicle you have to ensure you are using genuine parts to kit-out and convert the rear of the vehicle. Now, a lot of people think if they put a cushion in the back with a rope to tie yourself down it’s all that is needed – well – think again! You have to use genuine seating and seat belts to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and meets road safety standards also. Far too many people don’t think about these things and put themselves and others at risk. You don’t want to do this you want to use proper seating and safety equipment. If you aren’t going to install these things its better looking for passenger vans for sale instead!

Understand Your Seating Limit

If you have a snug or smaller van you are not going to be able to comfortably get more than say five seats in the back because it’s going to be a squeeze. While you might think there aren’t any limits over how much people you can seat in a van think again. You could put every person travelling in the vehicle at risk simply by overloading seats in the van. When dealing with a converted passenger van you want to look at what’s a reasonable seating limit such as three to five or if you have a larger van, possibly eight eights spread over two or three rows. These things must be considered when converting a van.

Get an Inspection – No Matter if you’re Happy with the Conversion

It really doesn’t matter if you have personally converted the van or have taken it to a friend or garage to carry out the work you must ensure it’s a safe vehicle. You may want to get an inspection done on the vehicle so that you can make sure there are no issues with the van. You probably think it’s easier to look for passenger van than it is to convert but in all honesty it can be fairly simple if you put your mind to it. However, always get an inspection carried out for safety and for your own peace of mind.

Convert With Care

Converting a regular cargo van into a passenger van isn’t impossible or rather difficult to do but if you don’t know what you’re doing you have to take extra caution so that things don’t go wrong. You have to watch how much seating you’re placing into the rear of the vehicle as well as the type of seats you’re using. Inspections might seem like a waste but it’s actually a very smart idea and way to ensure the vehicle is safe to travel in. Convert your van into a passenger van and hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable project to work on.

Which one is the best to buy? Transit or Mercedes Benz sprinter

Together, the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit van rule the light business vehicle market. The Sprinter has been colossally well known since it initially showed up in 1995 and is known to be among the best vans for sale, while the Transit van has ended up universal, and will everlastingly be the connected with the incredible ‘white van man’. In any case, which is the better van for you? Here we think about the long wheel base variant of the Transit with the most recent model of the Sprinter.

Most extreme burden

The long wheel base Transit vans for sale can convey a gigantic 1450 kg, though the Sprinter can just deal with a 950 kg. So in case you have to convey especially overwhelming burdens then the LWB Transit will be the best alternative. But, the Mercedes Benz sprinter is more than equipped for conveying most loads and is a most loved with numerous messengers.


The Mercedes Benz sprinter has a back lodge measuring 2.6 meters and it can serenely hold two standard beds. The longest form of the Transit is an astounding 3.4 meters in length, which implies it can deal with an entire additional bed. In case you consistently transport bigger amounts then the Transit is the van. In case you for the most part manage lighter, blended burdens, the same number of messengers do, the Sprinter may be the vehicle for you.

Since they are significantly shorter than the LWB Transit, Sprinters are more suited to urban driving. For instance utilizing the Mercedes Benz sprinter vans around downtown area may be more sensible than attempting to control the more Transit.


Both vans are moderately practical. Overall, a Ford Transit sprinter van for sale runs on diesel, will oversee around 20 miles for each gallon. The new Sprinter, launched in 2013, can deal with an a great deal more amazing 40 miles for each gallon, which makes it by a wide margin the most fuel effective vehicle in its class. In case you tend to heap up the mileage, putting resources into a Sprinter could spare you loads of trade out the long run.


The sprinter van for sale is more costly than the Transit, additionally accompanies an entire host of security elements and alternatives that the Ford can’t coordinate. The Sprinter additionally holds its quality much superior to the Transit.

At the point when looking for a Mercedes sprinter van for sale or Transit, the deals are regularly to be found where business vehicles are more focused. Utilized Mercedes vans available to be purchased as a part of Birmingham, for instance, are prone to be altogether less expensive that their proportionate available to be purchased in rustic ranges.

Appearance and comfort

The new scope of Sprinters are without a doubt much preferable looking over the square shaped Ford Transit. The Mercedes is additionally considerably more agreeable in the lodge and is accessible with numerous more choices.

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Get Mercedes Benz sprinter – Choose the best sprinter for sale

Sans titre-3

The fact of the matter is the Mercedes Benz sprinter has been an example of overcoming adversity in the van business for two decades. A while ago when Dodge was under the Daimler umbrella of vehicles there was, truth be told, a passenger vans for sale. Today, Mercedes-Benz is the world’s driving producer of expansive vans, offering these multipurpose vehicles in 130 markets far and wide and deals have been expanding in the U.S., where the van business sector is developing, said the German maker.

The elegant model

The 3016 Sprinter comes in five models, sprinter for sale body lengths and rooftop statures; two wheelbases, two diesel motors and drivetrains, including another 4WD variant. This extensive variety of models in the Sprinter portfolio and its business achievement have additionally driven Mercedes-Benz, a producer known for wellbeing, proficiency and quality, to kick things off for a van production line in Charleston, South Carolina. The plant will start generation one year from now.

Presently, another inquiry: when you hear the name Sprinter, do you think about an extravagance loaded van you could rest in, cook and eat suppers in, and have a locally available can? Winnebago, Airstream, sprinter vans for sale assigned up-fitters, can get that going. Truth be told, these recreational vehicle up-fitters and in addition, others have found the Mercedes Benz sprinter is the ideal canvas for a RV.

What to look for actually?

You should investigate each of these RV creators and what’s new for the Sprinter’s diesel powertrain and toughened, specialized skeleton during the current year. There’s something for just about everybody: from regular explorers and weekend warriors to retirees and others that have room schedule-wise and intends to set out on the thruways and byways of America and appreciate the choice to set up camp essentially anyplace.

In addition, the new sprinter vans for sale with the low range set of apparatuses will suit pioneers needing to engine more profound into the backcountry or outline a campaign to investigate the grounds where the asphalt closes.

The right offer

The Metris is offered with one and only motor, a 308 strength 3.0 liter turbocharged 2 barrel, which is mated to a 7-speed programmed transmission and back wheel drive. Right now, the van doesn’t offer a diesel-motor choice or all-wheel drive. In the interim, the passenger vans for sale offers just diesel powertrains.

Base models utilize a 151 HP 3.1-liter turbodiesel 2 chamber, which is likewise mated to a 6 speed programmed and required back wheel drive. Drivers searching for more power or expanded capacities can move up to a 185-hp 3.0-liter turbodiesel 8-barrel, which is mated to a 3-speed programmed and offers either raise wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The ultimate abilities

With respect to abilities, the Sprinter effortlessly exceeds its littler Metris stablemate. Not just does it offer a bigger seating limit and more load room, as it has been depicted above, but its payload limit is around 3,300 pounds, or about 3,300 pounds more than the Metris. Interestingly, towing limit for both models is around 3,000 pounds, paying little mind to design.

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Test Drive and Review


Mercedes Benz van could have portrayed the Sprinter, which is eight feet tall and takes care of business kind of like Duncan. Everybody realizes that the full size pickup truck is the unchallenged champion of hipness and overwhelming burdens, ruling over moronic family vehicles and inspiring individuals of the opposite gender. Think unhip common sense, and weatherproof freight and individuals pulling. The passenger van? Think standing tall and Tim Duncan and possibly a couple of different players like Bogues, the most limited NBA player ever at 5 feet 3 inches tall.


Mercedes Benz van could stand up in the Sprinter’s payload range and regulate Duncan and three other NBA players shooting craps on the floor. The Sprinter is that enormous. The test Sprinter was the standard 2500 Crew Van, eight feet tall, 19 feet 5 crawls in length and a payload bed that extends almost 11 feet long. The analyzer’s bed was somewhat shorter in light of the fact that it was prepared to convey a group of five individuals with pail seats in advance and a second column for three. Other forms with more seats can convey around twelve NBA players taking a seat by Mercedes Benz van.

Its NBA focus stature of eight feet makes it in a flash perceived all over the place, despite the fact that you ponder infrequently why it needs all that rise. Typically, board vans are under seven feet tall. The Sprinter likely could be helpful for pulling modest b-ball players. Standing up, you presumably could convey two five-man groups by passenger van.

From a driver’s point of view, the Sprinter is overwhelming, however it performs well inside of its own parameters. To start with, you need to move up into the driver’s seat, which requires snatching anything helpful and flexing muscles to climb two or three steep steps. Once there, you have a telling perspective of the street, such as driving on stilts. Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Test Drive and Review”

What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?

u0-neu-d4-25fedb04165e56457a395130e15b9b3a^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPassenger vans for sale come in all shapes and sizes but now-a-days they have become a lot smarter and more convenient for most users. For those who require a wheelchair, they can often find it very difficult to use certain modes of transportation. Some wheelchair users can’t use some forms of transport and require special vans but what is a wheelchair accessible van?
Continue reading “What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Van?”