Why Mercedes Sprinter is For Big Families


While the Mercedes-Benz mark will, in general, be synonymous to lavish comforts and drive performance, its Commercial division initiated by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter plans to offer these equivalent traits inside a light business vehicle or van. To expand further, Mercedes-Benz offers the Sprinter in 3 unique variations: a Passenger, Cargo, and Crew van.

A lot of Travel Space and Large Seating Capacity

One thing stays apparent and clear with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is that it is recognizable by capacity as individuals mover with the capacity to suit 7 – 12 passengers on its base model. While it is remarkable for families, it ought to be expressed that HQ can suit up to 17 passengers, contingent on customer needs. Besides, while clearly, the Sprinter has a lot of room, finding the floor plan that works most ideally for your movement needs requires assortment and that is accurate what HQ expects to help achieve. High rooftop variations offer an immense measure of tallness to enable all passengers to comfortably remain inside the van and give simple section/exit from the van. Then again, low rooftop and the 144″ body empower for no extension use limitations because of lower van tallness and less demanding stopping capacities. What’s more, HQ offers a wide scope of skipper and mentor seating choices with various examples, completions and mechanization alternatives. Upgraded extra alternatives incorporate lodging for incapacitated passengers incorporate hoisted seats and 180-degree swivel ability.

Keep The Children Entertained As Well As the Adults

Long voyages can be a bad dream for guardians with consistent squabbling, contending or whimpering from the youngsters in the back. Fortunately HQ has a lot of electronic alternatives to keep the children and even grown-ups placated and all around engaged all through their drive. Such choices incorporate TV show either inside a front segment divider or in a bulkhead bureau with 2 front speakers. For those hoping to stream their most loved TV shows and films to the extra large screen, an Apple TV or related spilling gadget can be introduced, or for those needing to play while out and about, a Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One or Nintendo Switch can be incorporated. For those needing all the more a working setup, an onboard PC can be introduced or used reflects show highlights to cast the screen of your PC laying on flight retractable to one or numerous screens. An audiophile encompasses sound framework can be incorporated for those needing to accomplish genuine home auditorium like sound quality. The greater part of each of them, a lodge WiFi switch guarantees that passengers stay associated while out and about consistently, and can peruse, stream or play their favored substance.


HQ Custom Design is knowledgeable about structuring the inside of the Mercedes Sprinter to suit all preferences, regardless of whether that is for business or family utilization. We have a scope of various floor designs that equipped for conforming to suit and match your movement needs. In the case of concentrating on lavish pleasantries, valuable onboard tech or expanding gear space, HQ attempts to manufacture a flexible custom van that is handcrafted for your family.

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